Baltic Grain Exchange

Terms and conditions

Your name, duty telephone number and business email address will be published and distributed for the purpose of the Baltic Grain Exchange. If you do not want your name, business email address and duty telephone number published in the public available BGE catalogue 2019, please contact

Deadline for registration is 1st of August. Unfortunately, we have a limited number of dinner seats at the Baltic Grain Exchange. Therefore, we recommend booking early.

Photos: it is likely that photos from the Baltic Grain Exchange will be published. 

Hotels: The hotel rates are incl. breakfast and Environmental Supplement.

Cancellation: In case you wish to cancel your order to the Exchange Day and/or the Gala Dinner, we are not able to refund the amount after the 1st of August 2019. Until August 1st 2019 we are able to refund 90% of the amount. 

In case of cancellation of hotel room refund is not possible after the 18th of July 2019. This also applies to “in default of appearance”.

Concerning currency it is possible for you to pay in Euro (€) or Danish kroner (DKK).